Private Capital Investments LLC (PCI) serves family offices. We bring together professional services to help clients achieve their goals. With an extensive global network and over 25+ years of collective legal and financial services experience, PCI is able to develop strategies and solve client issues often not understood by traditional money managers, lawyers, bankers, or business development professionals.

We have expertise in deal and company sourcing, portfolio management, due diligence,  alternative investments, social impact investments, the real estate and art market, mergers and acquisitions, the sale and trading of illiquid assets (secondaries), and trusts and estates. PCI also assists clients in strategy, communications, marketing, business development and capital introduction. Between the two Principals, they have worked for 10 single family offices and have a global robust network of investors for every asset class, investment stage and structure. We assist individuals, family offices, entrepreneurs and funds meet their legal and financial objectives at the highest level.